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EXTRAS, EXTRAS? Read All About Them

Spoiler Alert...Unusual extras that have a huge impact on the food pantry!

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Have you been growing a garden this summer?

Do you collect coupons?

Are you a local farmer selling produce at markets?

Do you have backyard chickens?

Have any EXTRAS? Backpack Society's family food box & student bag programs could put them to good use! Read about these unusual ways to donate extras fo

Backpack Society's family box program provides families with milk, eggs, protein, produce, etc. We typically have about 50-70 families per week picking up boxes from our pantry. We purchase food from our partner, Food Bank of the Rockies but we also receive a large amount of donated food from them as well. Unfortunately, there are still times when we are short and could use some extras. Eggs are always in high demand these days. If you have backyard chickens that produce more than you can eat, think of Backpack Society's food pantry. Or perhaps you have a backyard garden or plot at the community garden producing more veggies than your family can eat. Think of us! Farmers Markets are a favorite part of summer, with all the stands full of beautiful, colorful produce. Many of the farms have stores or produce stands to take the unsold produce back to, but some of the produce may need another place to go. BPS could put the leftovers to good use!

Do you love coupons? So do we! Backpack Society's student bag program provides school-aged children food on the weekends when they're away from school. Backpack Society Sponsors, food drives, and private donors help us keep our pantry stocked. But, there are always things that we need to purchase. If you are a coupon'er, think of us! When it says buy 1 get 5, but you only need 2, we'd love to take the extras! King Soopers often has great coupons and deals on mac & cheese, soup & crackers. Think of us when you see great deals! It goes a long way to help us keep our costs down.

EXTRAS, EXTRAS? They can help Backpack Society feed local students and families!

If you have extras or want to learn more, email us at For easy drop off, we also have a donation bin outside our front door for non-perishables. Thank you!

Check out some of our favorite backyard & Highlands Ranch Metro District community gardens!

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