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Tootin' Our Own Horn

We're usually a pretty modest bunch here at Backpack Society, but sometimes you just can't help but toot your own horn! (Drumroll, please!) The Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC recently named lil' ol' us their 2021 Non-Profit of the Year!

Jaw-dropping, right?!?! Since becoming members of the Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC, our community network has grown immensely. This relationship has allowed us to open doors to new partnerships that we never thought possible. We want to thank the members of the Chamber for all that they have done to support us in our quest to feed hungry children and their families right here in our own communities. We are truly humbled by this honor and so very appreciative of our new relationship.

Pictured: Amy Sherman, President/CEO Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC, Commissioner Lora Thomas, June Everett, President/Founder BPS, Laurel Gebhard, Vice President BPS, Karen Humble, BPS Marketing, and Geoff Lawton, Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC Board Chairman.

In addition to being grateful to the Chamber, we feel as if we can't say it enough, but we are always grateful for our community, corporate, school, religious-community partners, and volunteers. We are very aware that none of our success would be possible without each and every one of you!

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